Wednesday, November 18, 2009


It's been a while since I put anything food related (or anything other than wine reviews) on this site, so here's a brief overview of a simple seafood platter I put together for Beck's recent birthday. It's very easy to make, requiring very little preparation or professional technique. It's just a shame about the cost price!

Wines for the day were two of Beck's favourites; the Non-Vintage Jansz and Bridgewater Mill's 2004 Chardonnay. I would've preferred the Jansz Rose with a Heggies or Freycinet Riesling but hey, it wasn't my birthday!

1a. Oysters Natural
(Already consumed in picture) Served with lime and pepper.

1b. Oysters Natural
Served with a slither of avocado, minced tomato, lime, cracked pepper and fresh coriander.

1c. Oysters Cooked
Cooked with sweet chilli sauce, grated mozzarella and spring onion.

1d. Oysters Kilpatrick
Cooked with bacon and worcestershire sauce.

2a. Salmon Steak
Cubed salmon steak, lightly seared on two sides and complemented by salt and pepper with soy dipping sauce.

2b. Smoked Salmon
Served on fresh baguette bread with cream cheese.

3. Australian Banana Prawns
Marinated in garlic, butter, salt, pepper and chives, then pan-fried.

4. Blue Swimmer Crab Meat Vol au Vents
Crab meat vol au vents with chilli basil rose sauce, garnished with lemon/lime and chives, then lightly baked

So there you have it; a light seafood platter so simple to prepare even I can do it! I just wish it wasn't so darn expensive!

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