Thursday, November 12, 2009


 - Yarra Valley, VIC
 - $14-$22
 - Screwcap
 - 13.5%alc

To complement their 2008 Windy Peak Pinot Noir (88pts), which stands virtually unopposed as Australia's best $10 pinot, De Bortoli also released a delicious Gulf Station Pinot Noir from 2008, which might just be Australia's best $20 pinot.

Laden with perfumed aromas of cherries, forest fruits and cinnamon, its fruit forward and sweet vanilla oak scented nose precedes a genuinely varietal palate framed by sour edged acidity. Its supple cherry and sour plum flavours develop into a lightly spiced finish, accompanied by undertones of clove-like oak residing beneath a soft wave of prickly tannin.

üGive this an hour in the decanter and you'll have one of the best $15 pinots you could fathom. Let's just say I can't wait for the release of De Bortoli's premier 2008 pinots. Drink to 2012.
90 points


  1. I have some of this at home waiting to be opened - will have to get into it...

    The Gulf Station Shiraz Viognier is fantastic stuff too.

  2. Glad you enjoyed this one Chris. Excellent little wine. Speaking of Gulf Station, I picked up a 2006 GS Chardonnay last night for $7!!! Not as good as their Pinot and nearing the end of its window, but bugger me, you'd be hard pressed to find a better Chards at that price...



  3. Thanks for the heads up guys!

    I absolutely loved De Bortoli's Estate release of Shiraz Viognier from 2006, so I will certainly keep an eye out for any current vintages of the Gulf Station Sh/Vio as well. Thanks mate.
    p.s. if you do look to open a GS '08 Pinot I'd definitely take the patient option and give an hour or so in the decanter first - we made the impatient mistake of initially diving into this one after about 15 minutes, which didn't do it justice at all. An hour later and it had come together much better.

    $7 Gulf Station 06 Chards! I remember that wine and it was sensational at $15 even! Top stuff Brizzy!

    Chris P