Monday, July 4, 2011


Although I've recently vowed to significantly cut down my own coffee consumption, I've still enjoyed the modern approach to coffee promotion undertaken by a new cafe at Adelaide's old Reserve Bank site.
At the shop, coffee's sold proudly with an emphasis on region of origin, but what really grabs my attention is the detailed tasting (cupping) notes used to promote their 'coffee of the week', displayed to the public via sidewalk billboards. Every time I read one I feel more educated about coffee, without even having to drink the stuff!
In the Nyeri Tegu cupping note, I particularly like, and can relate to, the 'long hard candy dissolve in the finish' line (I wonder how sugar effects it though), but either I'm going to need more experience tasting coffee, or broaden my mind a bit, to pick up a 'punch bowl of currant, cranberry, cantaloupe, ripe cherry' in my coffee. Cantaloupe most notably. I am looking though!

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